Flow Theory Professional Development Workshops

Elevate Your Teaching with Flow Theory and Flow21 AI

Unlock the potential of both teachers and students with our Flow Theory Professional Development Workshops. Designed to enhance happiness and performance in the classroom, our workshops provide practical strategies for implementing Flow Theory, a proven approach to creating engaging and productive learning environments.

Backed by research showing the positive effects of flow on teacher and student happiness and student academic performance, this workshop offers actionable insights you can apply immediately. Enhance your teaching and help your students thrive with Flow Theory.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Core Principles of Flow Theory: Understand the foundations of Flow Theory and how to apply them to maximise engagement and achievement.
  • Effective Goal Setting and Feedback: Discover methods for setting clear, attainable goals and providing immediate, constructive feedback to foster continuous improvement for you and your students.
  • Balancing Challenge and Skills: Learn how to match task difficulty with skill levels to keep students motivated and teachers inspired.
  • Creating a Focused Classroom: Gain insights into minimizing distractions and promoting deep concentration for both students and educators.
  • Empowering Autonomy and Control: Explore techniques to give students ownership of their learning and teachers more control over their instructional methods.
  • Fostering Intrinsic Motivation: Find ways to make learning intrinsically rewarding and joyful for everyone involved.

Integration with Flow21 AI:

Enhance your professional development experience with our innovative Flow21 AI tool. This cutting-edge technology provides personalised insights and recommendations, helping teachers implement Flow Theory principles more effectively. With Flow21 AI, you can:

  • Receive tailored feedback on your teaching practices.
  • Monitor student engagement and performance in real-time.
  • Access customised resources and strategies to support your professional growth.

Join our workshops and leverage the power of Flow Theory and Flow21 AI tools to create a thriving, dynamic classroom environment. Empower yourself and your students to achieve greater happiness and heightened performance.

Contact Peter on 021 713714 or email below. We are a member of the MOE (PLD) provider panel

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