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Teacher Toolkit

A full AI toolkit and prompt library for teachers to help you save time with planning & assessment. A library of pre-prompts to choose from when creating your lesson plans, quizzes, rubrics and worksheets


Create a history or math space for your students to interact with you and your personally trained teaching assistant for extra help in breaking down concepts and analogies.

Adaptive Learning

Teachers can adapt their lesson planning for differentiated instruction based on a students interest in minutes. Create a lesson plan & quiz for a students favourite sport, book or hobby

Personal Tutors

Students get access to their own personalised tutor on any topic. Math, English, Science, History, Technology, Art etc to help them with their learning. If your teacher is registered with us you can get access to their knowledge too! Ask your teacher to join!



Add or Create FlowSpaces for your students to interact with you and your pedagogy. Create a FlowSpace for your History class so students can interact and have conversations with influential figures like Winston Churchill, Gandhi or President Lincoln.

Teacher Assistants

Replicate you! Create your very own personally trained AI teacher assistant and give your students access to your knowledge 24/7, anywhere, anytime. Upload your resources, curriculum and pedagogy

Student Evaluation & Feedback

Save hours on assessing and evaluating student assignments. Students can upload assignments or worksheets and get immediate feedback on their work.

Flow with Teacher ToolKit – Designed To Reduce Teacher Admin

Reignite Your Why With Our Teacher Toolkit – AI Clears the Path to Optimal Teaching Flow – Spend more time with your students for better well being.

  1. Speedy Lesson Planner
  2. Quiz & Rubric Creator
  3. Student Evaluation
  4. Report Writing
  5. Group Project Planner
  6. Story Generator
  7. AI Image Generator
  8. Activity Generator
  9. Topic Planning
  10. Policy Writing 
  11. Parent Emails

Professional Development: We work with school leaders and teachers to bring safe AI into the classroom while complementing your teaching. We provide AI policy and guidance to help elevate and transform your school.

Increase Well Being By Decreasing Your Planning To Minutes

Imagine your own graduate teacher assistant doing your admin, leaving you to inspire your students

Generate custom or differentiated lesson plans, quizzes, rubrics and worksheets based on student interests in minutes, edit & export or create a FlowSpace for students to quickly access!

Unveil Student Growth: Elevate Teaching Satisfaction with Real-Time Insights

Flow Observer: Analyses student interactions to gauge agency, concentration, engagement, challenge-skill balance, feedback reception, and more, aligning with the principles of flow. Powered by advanced machine learning, it assesses factors like work pace, quiz results, and interaction frequency to ensure optimal flow in student activities.

Student Insights: You can view students chat history and interactions with the AI

Monitor: Teachers can view notifications by the AI on the sentiment of the student interaction. ie The student is expressing frustration with their calculation

Alerts: Teachers are notified of any cut and paste or inappropriate activity

Intervention: Teachers can intervene & send students feedback directly in the chat.

Reporting: Teachers can ask the AI to report, which can be used for assessment & parents reporting. 

For Students & Parents

Students Get Locked In With Your Own Personal Tutor

Accelerate and have fun with your learning by accessing your own personal tutor, coach & mentor who speaks to you in your language, at your learning level and in your time. Your tutor can break down concepts for you and tell you how it relates to your interests and passions. If your teacher is registered with us you can get access to their knowledge too! Ask your teacher to join!


Welcome to AI Camp, where innovation meets imagination in a world of endless possibilities! Dive into the future with our bespoke AI Camp & TeamFlow space, offering both in-person and online programs tailored for young minds eager to shape tomorrow. With an impressive 1:6 instructor-to-student ratio, we guarantee personalised guidance as students embark on a transformative journey. They’ll harness the power of artificial intelligence, explore cutting-edge tools, and solve real-world problems. Join us for an exhilarating adventure into AI, where students not only learn but also create, innovate, and dream big with TeamFlow. Your journey to becoming an AI innovator starts here at AI Camp! – No coding experience required!


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